Spine Care

Daniel C. George, M.D. is a fellowship-trained, Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon who specializes in care of the spine.  He evaluates patients with spinal problems and provides treatment options that include non-surgical and surgical interventions.

The spinal column consists of bones called vertebrae and cushions between the bones called intervertebral discs.  These discs act as shock absorbers for the spinal column.  Many muscles and ligaments also provide support to the spinal column.  A major purpose of the spinal column is to protect the spinal cord and the many nerves that branch off of the spinal cord.  The nerves transmit signals to and from your brain to the various parts of your body. 

Pressure on these nerves can produce pain, numbness, tingling sensations, and/or weakness in different parts of your body.  The pressure can be caused by several factors:

  • Discs that bulge out between the vertebrae (herniated disc)
  • Degenerative and arthritic conditions of the spine
  • Fractures of the spine
  • Narrowing of the spinal canal (spinal stenosis)
  • Abnormal growths (tumors)
  • Infection (abscess)

The vast majority of people with neck and back pain are treated in a conservative manner without surgery.  This may include anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy and exercise, chiropractic care, braces, traction, and cortisone injections. However, when surgery is necessary, Dr. George is fellowship-trained in spinal surgery and uses the latest surgical techniques and equipment to provide the highest possible level of care.

Symptoms of possible spinal problems include:

  • Neck and low back pain
  • Radiating pain into the arms or legs
  • Weakness in the arms or legs
  • Numbness or tingling into the arms or legs

Spine problems are common in almost all age groups, from the young athlete to the elderly sedentary patient. Our goal is to diminish and eliminate pain and to restore function to the fullest extent possible, whether it’s for a teenager trying to return to competitive sports or an octogenarian who wants to be active with his or her grandchildren.

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