Paying for care today is a complex and sometimes overwhelming process. To facilitate this process it is important that the patient, spouse, parent or other responsible party be prepared by making available the information necessary for our office to file a claim on your behalf.


You must present your insurance cards and any referral forms required by your insurance company at the time of your appointment. If your insurance company has certain requirements that you do not follow, they will make you responsible for the bill. Please ask the staff at the front desk to update your insurance information whenever you are in the office.

If we do not participate with your insurance, we can submit a claim on your behalf – but remember that the insurance company may not pay the claim and you will be responsible for the bill.


If you are injured at work or through an employment activity, you MUST provide the required information from your employer prior to your appointment so that we can validate the payment source.

  • Please provide the following:
  • Insurance Carrier
    Claim address
  • Case Manager/Adjuster
  • Claim #
  • Date of Injury

Failure to do so may result in your employer or Workers Compensation Carrier denying your claim. 


As a participating provider with Medicare we are pleased to submit your Medicare claim and any secondary insurance claim forms for you.


We require that all services be paid at the time they are rendered. We will consider payment schedules but in the event the patient fails to honor the payment schedule the fee for services provided will revert back to the full charge allowed by law.


Medicare and all other insurance carriers require that we collect the co-payments and deductibles as outlined in your insurance policy. It is our policy to collect these charges at the time of service.